9th Workshop on Macroeconomic Dynamics: Theory and Applications

Beauty Contests and Irrational Exuberance: a Neoclassical Approach
Alessandro Pavan (Northwestern University), George-Marios Angeletos (MIT), Guido Lorenzoni (MIT)

A note on price adjustment with menu cost for multi-product firms
Fernando Alvarez (University of Chicago), Francesco Lippi (University of Sassari, EIEF)

Maternal Health and the Baby Boom
Stefania Albanesi (Columbia University), Claudia Olivetti (Boston University)

Digestible Microfoundations: Buffer Stock Saving in a Krusell-Smith World
Christopher D. Carroll (Johns Hopkins University), Kiichi Tokuoka (Johns Hopkins University)

Entry, Exit, Firm Dynamics, and Aggregate Fluctuations
Dino Palazzo (Boston University), Gian Luca Clementi (New York University)

On Risk Sharing in Village Economies: Structural Estimation and Testing
Sarolta Laczo (European University Institute)

De-Specialization, Dutch Disease and Sectoral Productivity Differences
Radoslaw Stefanski (University of Oxford), Karlygash Kuralbayeva (University of Oxford)

Demand Imbalances, Exchange Rate Misalignment and Monetary Policy
Giancarlo Corsetti (EUI, University Rome III), Luca Dedola (ECB), Sylvain Leduc (Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco)

Debt Overhang and Defaults in a Business Cycle Model
Filippo Occhino (Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland), Andrea Pescatori (IMF)

Long-Run Fiscal Uncertainty, Growth and Asset Prices
Max Croce (UNC at Chapel Hill), Howard Kung (Duke University), Lukas Schmid (Duke University)

Incomplete Pass-Through in a Model of Retailers - Wholesalers Relationships
Mirko Abbritti (University of Navarra)