Marco Battaglini



Edward H. Meyer Professor of Economics, Cornell University
Non-resident Research Fellow, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance.


Northwestern University, Ph.D., 2000
Bocconi University, BA, 1995


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Research Interests

Economic Theory, Game Theory, Contract Theory, Political Economy, Laboratory Experiments.

Selected Publications

“Public Protests and Policy Making”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2017, Volume 132, Issue 1, pages 485-549.

“The Dynamic Free Rider Problem: A Laboratory Study” (with S. Nunnari and T. Palfrey), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 4, pages 268-308.

“The Costs and Benefits of Balanced Budget Rules: Lessons from a Political Economy Model of Fiscal Policy”, (with M. Azzimonti and S. Coate), Journal of Public Economics, 2016, Volume 136, April, pages 45-61.

“Growth and Fiscal Policy: a Positive Theory” (with L. Barseghyan), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2016, Volume 82, pages 36-51.

“Participation and Duration of Environmental Agreements” (with B. Harstad), Journal of Political Economy, 2016, Volume 124, Issue 1, pages 160-204.

“Dynamic Free Riding with Irreversible Investments” (with S. Nunnari and T. Palfrey), American Economic Review, 2014, Volume 104, Issue 9, pages 2858-71.

“A Dynamic Theory of Public Spending, Taxation and Debt” (with S. Coate), American Economic Review, 2008, Volume 98, Issue 1, pages 201-36.

“Inefficiency in Legislative Policy-Making: A Dynamic Analysis” (with S. Coate), American Economic Review, 2007, Volume 97, Issue 1, pages 118-149.

“Long-Term Contracting with Markovian Consumers”, American Economic Review, 2005, Volume 95, Issue 3, pages 637-658.

“Multiple Referrals and Multidimensional Cheap Talk”, Econometrica, 2002, Volume 70, Issue 4, pages 1379-1401.

Working Papers

“Optimal Dynamic Contracting” (with R. Lamba), March 2016.

“The Political Economy of Public Debt: An Experimental Approach” (with S. Nunnari and T. Palfrey), March 2016.

“Influencing Connected Legislators” (with E. Patacchini), August 2016.

“Self-Control and Peer Groups: An empirical analysis” (with C. Diaz and E. Patacchini), September 2016.

“The Political Economy of Weak Treaties” (with B. Harstad), November 2016.

Honors, Awards and Fellowships

Elected Fellow of the Econometric Society - 2014

Carlo Alberto Medal, awarded to an Italian economist under the age of 40 for his/her outstanding research contributions to the field of economics - 2009

Michael Wallerstein award from the American Political Science Association for best article published in 2008 in the area of political economy (jointly awarded with S. Coate) - 2009

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow - 2006

NSF CAREER Award: “A Legislative Theory of public Spending, Debt and Taxation” - 2005

Kenneth Arrow Prize in Economics for Junior Faculty - 2005


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