EIEF hosts several established scholars as well as young researchers from the best universities throughout the year. Visitors are expected to contribute to the intellectual environment of the Institute and interact actively with other researchers; sometimes they are asked to teach a short PhD level course.

Past & Prospective Visitors

Regular Visitors

Elisabetta Iossa


    SEFEMEQ Tor Vergata University and CMPO
    Fields: Contract Theory, Procurement and Public-Private Partnerships, Regulation of Public Utilities.

Giancarlo Spagnolo

Giancarlo Spagnolo

    SITE-Stockholm School of Economics
    Fields: Industrial Organization, Banking, Governance, Game and Contract Theory, Procurement

Current Visitors

Giovanni Calice


    University of Birmingham
    Fields: Econometrics, Macroeconomics and Finance
    Period of stay: September - October

Francesco Pappadà


    Banque de France
    Fields: International Macroeconomics, Credit Market Frictions, Firm Dynamics
    Period of stay: September - December

Yong Wang


    City University of Hong Kong
    Fields: Economic Growth and Development, Macro and Public Economics
    Period of stay: October - November

Anastasia Zervou


    Texas A&M University
    Fields: Monetary Economics and Applied Time Series Econometrics
    Period of stay: November