Idee per la Crescita

How to stimulate and ensure a sustainable growth in Italy? After almost two decades of languishing growth and four years of recession, this has become a key question for Italy’s future. To help addressing it, Università Bocconi and EIEF launched the forum Idee per la Crescita, whose aim is to focus some of the best intellects of our country on the issue of economic growth and the necessary reforms to revitalize it. Idee per la Crescita has a Steering Committee that identifies priorities and fleshes out proposals in a medium-term perspective.

Idee per la Crescita, building on past analyses of the main causes of Italy’s long economic stagnation, aims at identifying the areas first to be tackled and suggesting guiding principles and general reform outlines in the most relevant sectors. The attention will be focused on how to remove the technical and political obstacles that have prevented the adoption and the implementation of the many proposals presented in the past.

The members of the Steering Committee are:

Fabiano Schivardi, Università Bocconi, Milan, and EIEF (co-president)

Guido Tabellini, Università Bocconi, Milan (co-president)

Massimo Bordignon, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan

Marco D’Alberti, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Francesco Daveri, University of Parma

Rodolfo De Benedetti, CIR

Carlotta de Franceschi, Action Institute

Alfonso Gambardella, Università Bocconi, Milan

Francesco Giavazzi, Università Bocconi, Milan

Luigi Guiso, EIEF

Andrea Ichino, University of Bologna

Michele Polo, Università Bocconi, Milan

Giovanni Valotti, Università Bocconi, Milan

Raffaele Vitale, PAIpartners

Idee per la Crescita produced a First Report, offering an overview of the Italian growth problems, a general approach to structural reforms and a series of concrete proposals to reform the credit market and the education system in Italy.

The Executive Summary is available here.

The first ebook, offering an overview of the Italian growth problems, is available here.

The second ebook, illustrating a concrete proposal to reform the Italian education system, is available here.

The third ebook, offering some proposals to reform the Italian credit market and facilitate credit supply, is available here.

In Spring 2014 Idee per la Crescita published a report on the functioning of the Public Administration and on the need to improve the quality of management in the Italian public sector. The ebook is available here.

In Summer 2014 two more ebooks were published: the former, available here, focuses on the limited diffusion of broadband networks in Italy and offers concrete proposals to remove the main obstacles; the latter, available here, critically analyses the project to create a digital network within the Public Administration.

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