WP 08/01
Technological Change and the Households’ Demand for Curency

Francesco Lippi - Alessandro Secchi

WP 08/02
Essential Interest-Bearing Money

David Andolfatto

WP 08/03
Asset Prices, Debt Constraints and Inefficiency

Gaetano Bloise - Pietro Reichlin

WP 08/04
Relative Minimax

Daniele Terlizzese

WP 08/05
Elasticity Optimism

Jean Imbs - Isabelle Mejean

WP 08/06
What determines entrepreneurial clusters?

Luigi Guiso - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 08/07
Financial Innovation and the Transactions Demand for Cash

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi

WP 08/08
Measuring Competition in Banking: A Disequilibrium Approach

John Goddard - John O.S. Wilson

WP 08/09
Search and Rest Unemployment

Fernando Alvarez - Robert Shimer

WP 08/10
Long Term Persistence

Luigi Guiso - Paola Sapienza - Luigi Zingales

WP 08/11
Optimal Credit Risk Transfer, Monitored Finance, and Banks

Gabriella Chiesa

WP 08/12
Financial Literacy and Portfolio Diversification

Luigi Guiso - Tullio Jappelli

WP 08/13
Does Idiosyncratic Business Risk Matter?

Claudio Michelacci - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 08/14
Entry Barriers in Retail Trade

Fabiano Schivardi - Eliana Viviano

WP 08/15
The Impact of Revenue Diversity on Banking System Stability

Olivier De Jonghe

WP 08/16
The Response of Prices to Technology and Monetary Policy Shocks under Rational Inattention

Luigi Paciello

WP 08/17
Trust, Truth, Status and Identity: an Experimental Inquiry

Jeffrey Butler

WP 08/18
A Test of Narrow Framing and its Origin

Luigi Guiso