WP 17/01
Ambiguous Policy Announcements

Claudio Michelacci - Luigi Paciello

WP 17/02
Firm-Related Risk and Precautionary Saving Response

Andreas Fagereng - Luigi Guiso - Luigi Pistaferri

WP 17/03
Demand and Supply of Populism

Luigi Guiso - Helios Herrera - Massimo Morelli - Tommaso Sonno

WP 17/04
Credit Misallocation During the European Financial Crisis

Fabiano Schivardi - Enrico Sette - Guido Tabellini

WP 17/05
Short-run effects of lower productivity growth. A twist on the secular stagnation hypothesis

Olivier Blanchard - Guido Lorenzoni - Jean-Paul L’Huillier