Graduate Program  

The Graduate Program at EIEF focuses on four fields: Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics, Finance, and Macroeconomics. It consists of courses and reading groups taught by EIEF faculty, topics courses and special lectures taught by EIEF visitors and the weekly seminars. The program is organized into two terms: fall and spring each consisting of 15 weeks divided into two modules, separated by a mid-term break of one week.

The courses taught consist of 30 hours of lectures each, with an “hour” conventionally defined as 50 minutes of actual lecturing plus 10 minutes of pause between lectures. Topics courses and reading groups usually consist of about 10 hours each, while special lectures do not have a fixed format. There are two regular weekly seminars, one in Macro/Theory and one in Applied/Empirical Economics, plus lunchtime seminars that meet less regularly.

In the Academic Year 2017-18 EIEF offers courses in: Asset Pricing, International Macro, Topics in Macroeconometrics, Topics in Entrepreneurial Finance, Models with Heterogeneous Agents, Experimental Economics, Topics in VAR Modeling, Monetary Economics, Policy Evaluation, Firm Dynamics, Household Finance, Econometric Theory, Empirical Banking, Methods in Continuous Time Finance, History of Macroeconomics. All the courses are followed by a final exam. To avoid excessive burden, students are encouraged not to take more than 12 hours of taught courses each week.
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