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Memorandum for a Tax Reform

July 10, 2019

EIEF, Rome

EIEF hosted the presentation of the Memorandum for a Tax Reform. The Italian fiscal policy system is already 50 years old. In the meanwhile, the share of labor income on the GDP has decreased substantially and fiscal competition has lowered effective personal and corporate tax rates. In addition to tax evasion, taxation on multinationals and property taxes, there is now public debate on topics such as flat tax and environmental taxes. In this workshop, Vincenzo Visco presented comprehensive tax reform that was discussed with a group of economists and tax law experts. The event was held in Italian. For further information see the Program.

5th Summer Workshop in Political Economy

June 24-25, 2019

EIEF, Rome

EIEF hosted the “5th Summer Workshop in Political Economy”. The aim was to analyze topics related to the institutional underpinning of fiscal policies. The workshop focused on research at the intersection of political economy, public finance, and macroeconomics. Topics of interest included: (i) the political determination of public policies (fiscal and monetary policy, social insurance, taxation, transfer programs, public investment, public employment, regulation, education, and health); (ii) the effects of political reforms; (iv) the impact of budgeting rules; (v) political polarization and partisan conflict; (vi) economic policy uncertainty and its determinants. The members of the organizing committee were: Marina Azzimonti (Stonybrook), Facundo Piguillem (EIEF) and Alessandro Riboni (Ecole Polytechnique). For further information see the Program.

4th Rome Junior Conference on Applied Microeconomics

June 20-21, 2019

EIEF, Rome

EIEF hosted the “4th Rome Junior Conference on Applied Microeconomics”. The  aim was to foster interaction and dissemination of research idea among researchers active in different areas of applied microeconomics. The selection of presenters gave preference to faculty at the early stages of their career. The organizers were: Francesco Decarolis (Bocconi University), Thibaut Lamadon (University of Chicago), Chirstopher Neilson (Princeton University), Andrea Pozzi (EIEF), Pietro Tebaldi (University of Chicago) and Michela Tincani (UCL). For further information see the Program.

8th Rome Conference on Macroeconomics (aka Pizzanomics)

June 10-11, 2019

EIEF, Rome

EIEF hosted the “8th Rome Conference on Macroeconomics”, a.k.a. Pizzanomics. The aim was to bring together junior economists from around the world with a strong interest in Macroeconomics, and to generate a friendly environment with intensive interaction, not only during the presentations but also informally before and after. The organizers were: Guillermo Ordoñez (University of Pennsylvania), Luigi Paciello (EIEF), Facundo Piguillem (EIEF), and Nicholas Trachter (FED, Richmond). For further information see the Program.

4th Rome Junior Finance Conference

June 4-5, 2019

EIEF, Rome

EIEF hosted the “4th Rome Junior Finance Conference”. The goal of the conference was to bring together junior researchers active in empirical and theoretical finance and create an opportunity for informal discussions and other academic-related activities. The organizers were: Sergei Kovbasyuk (EIEF), Adrien Matray (Princeton), Andrea Polo (LUISS, EIEF), Anton Tsoy (EIEF) and Luana Zaccaria (EIEF). For further information see the Program.

“Austerity: when it works and when it doesn't”
Book Presentation

April 2, 2019

EIEF, Rome

EIEF hosted the presentation of Carlo Favero and Francesco Giavazzi’s new book, written together with Alberto Alesina.
The book gathers and analyzes data from 16 countries whose government had carried out austerity programs, especially those adopted in Europe post 2010 Greek crisis, and one clear result has emerged: cutting expenditures is less damaging for growth than increasing taxes.
There was an open discussion between the writers and Ignazio Visco, Marco Pagano and Luigi Paciello. For further details please see the Program.

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