Forthcoming Events


Princeton/Warwick/Utah Political Economy Conference

March 20-21, 2020
EIEF, Rome

EIEF will host the annual Conference in Political Economy organized by the Department of Politics at Princeton University along with the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick and the Department of Finance at University of Utah. The aim of the workshop is to bring together the top theoretical and empirical political scientists and economists across Europe and North America. The workshop builds on previous successful meetings held annually since 2013. For details, see the Program.

Attendance by registration only at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. .

5th Rome Junior Finance Conference

June 15-16, 2020
EIEF, Rome

EIEF will host the “5th Rome Junior Finance Conference”. The goal of the conference is to bring together junior researchers active in finance and create an opportunity for informal discussions and other academic-related activities. The organizers are: Adrien Matray (Princeton), Andrea Polo (LUISS, EIEF), and Luana Zaccaria (EIEF). Upcoming Program.

5th Rome Junior Conference on Applied Microeconomics

June 22-23, 2020
EIEF, Rome

EIEF will host the “5th Rome Junior Conference on Applied Microeconomics”. The aim is to foster interaction and dissemination of research idea among researchers active in different areas of applied microeconomics. The selection of presenters will give preference to faculty at the early stages of their career. The organizers are: Francesco Decarolis (Bocconi University), Chirstopher Neilson (Princeton University), Matteo Paradisi (NBER and EIEF), Andrea Pozzi (EIEF), Pietro Tebaldi (University of Chicago) and Michela Tincani (UCL). Uocoming Program.

9th Rome Conference on Macroeconomics (aka Pizzanomics)

June 25-26, 2020
EIEF, Rome

EIEF will host the “9th Rome Conference on Macroeconomics”, a.k.a. Pizzanomics. The aim is to bring together junior economists from around the world with a strong interest in Macroeconomics, and to generate a friendly environment with intensive interaction, not only during the presentations but also informally before and after. The organizers are: David Argente (Penn State University), Luigi Paciello (EIEF), Juan Passadore (EIEF), and Nicholas Trachter (FED, Richmond). Upcoming Program.

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