Pietro Reichlin

Reichlin Pietro


Scientific Board, LUISS University
Fellow, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance


Columbia University, Ph.D., 1987
Sapienza Università di Roma, BA, 1981


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Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory, Financial Markets, Business Cycle.

Selected Publications

"Optimal Taxation with Homeownership and Wealth Inequality" (with N. Borri), Review of Economic Dynamics, 40, 64-84, 2021.

"Social Welfare, Parental Altruism and Inequality", Journal of Public Economic Theory, 22, 1391-1419, 2020.

"Economic stagnation and recession: The difficult Italian transition to the Monetary Union", Journal of Modern Italian Studies, 24, 402-414, 2019.

"Social Security, Unemployment Risk and Efficient Bargaining between Unions and Firms", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 121, 1125-1153, 2019.

"Equilibrium Indeterminacy with Parental Altruism", Review of Economic Dynamics, 31, 24-35, 2019.

"Money Creation: Tax or Public Liability?", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 1073-1094, 50, 2018.

"The Housing Cost Disease" (with N. Borri), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 106-123, 87, 2018.

"Fragility of Competitive Equilibrium with Risk of Default", (with G. Bloise and M. Tirelli), Review of Economic Dynamics, 271-295, 16, 2, 2013.

"Asset Prices, Debt Constraints and Inefficiency" (with G. Bloise), Journal of Economic Theory, 1520-46, 146, 2011.

"Infinite-maturity public debt and the fiscal theory of the price level" (with G. Bloise), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 1721-1731, 32, 2008.

Working Papers

"Redistributive Taxation with Skilled Biased Technologies”, CEPR D.P. 16226, 2021.

"Optimal Taxation with Homeownership and Wealth Inequality" (with N. Borri), CEPR D.P. 14144, 2019.

"Wealth Taxes and Inequality"(with N. Borri), CEPR D. P. 13067, 2018.

"Socially Optimal Wealth Inequality", CEPR D.P. n. 12873, 2018.

Honors, Awards and Fellowships

Research Fellow – CEPR
Senior Fellow – RCEA
Scientific Board – Centro Studi Confindustria
Advisory Board – Research in Economics, Elsevier
Advisory Board – Rivista di Politica Economica
Comitato dei Garanti – Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori dell’Università di Padova
Commettee Member – Programma per giovani ricercatori R. L. Montalcini, MIUR


Phone: +39.06.4792.92892
Fax: +39.06.4792.4872
E-mail: pietro.reichlin[at]eief.it
Web: Pietro Reichlin

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