Papers 2020

WP 20/01
The Insurance Role of the Firm

Luigi Guiso - Luigi Pistaferri

WP 20/02
K-Returns to Education

Andreas Fagereng - Luigi Guiso - Martin B. Holm - Luigi Pistaferri

WP 20/03
Sampling properties of the Bayesian posterior mean with an application to WALS estimation

Giuseppe De Luca - Jan R. Magnus - Franco Peracchi

WP 20/04
The Optimal COVID-19 Quarantine and Testing Policies

Facundo Piguillem - Liyan Shi

WP 20/05
A Simple Planning Problem for COVID-19 Lockdown

Fernando Alvarez - David Argente - Francesco Lippi

WP 20/06
Aggregate Risk or Aggregate Uncertainty? Evidence from UK Households

Claudio Michelacci - Luigi Paciello

WP 20/07
Careers in Finance

Andrew Ellul - Marco Pagano - Annalisa Scognamiglio

WP 20/08
Disaster Resilience and Asset Prices

Marco Pagano - Christian Wagner - Josef Zechner

WP 20/09
The Macroeconomics of Hedging Income Shares

Adriana Grasso - Juan Passadore - Facundo Piguillem

WP 20/10
Are Executives in Short Supply? Evidence from Deaths' Events

Julien Sauvagnat - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 20/11
Interlocking Directorates and Competition in Banking

Guglielmo Barone - Fabiano Schivardi - Enrico Sette

WP 20/12
Asocial Capital: Civic Culture and Social Distancing during COVID-19

Ruben Durante - Luigi Guiso - Giorgio Gulino

WP 20/13
Estimating the prevalence of the COVID-19 infection, with an application to Italy

Franco Peracchi - Daniele Terlizzese

WP 20/14
The COVID-19 Shock and Equity Shortfall: Firm-level Evidence from Italy

Elena Carletti - Tommaso Oliviero - Marco Pagano - Loriana Pelizzon - Marti G. Subrahmanyam

WP 20/15
Bitter Sugar: Slavery and the Black Family

Graziella Bertocchi - Arcangelo Dimico

WP 20/16
Divided We Stay Home: Social Distancing and Ethnic Diversity

Georgy Egorov - Ruben Enikolopov - Alexey Makarin - Maria Petrova

WP 20/17
The Macroeconomics of Sticky Prices with Generalized Hazard Functions

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi - Aleksei Oskolkov

WP 20/18
COVID-19, Race, and Redlining

Graziella Bertocchi - Arcangelo Dimico

WP 20/19
Risk Sharing within the Firm: A Primer

Marco Pagano

WP 20/20
Affinity, Trust, and Information

Luigi Guiso - Alexey Makarin

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