Papers 2013

WP 13/01
Manipulating Reliance on Intuition Reduces Risk Ambiguity Aversion

Jeffrey V. Butler - Luigi Guiso - Tullio Jappelli

WP 13/02
Price Setting with Menu Cost for Multi-product Firms

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi

WP 13/03
Seeking Alpha: Excess Risk Taking and Competition for Managerial Talent

Viral Acharya - Marco Pagano - Paolo Volpin

WP 13/04
Barriers to Firm Growth in Open Economies

Facundo Piguillem - Loris Rubini

WP 13/05
Inequality and Relative Ability Beliefs

Jeff rey V. Butler

WP 13/06
Coordination, Efficiency and Policy Discretion

Facundo Piguillem - Anderson Schneider

WP 13/07
The Demand of Liquid Assets with Uncertain Lumpy Expenditures

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi

WP 13/08
E-commerce as a Stockpiling Technology: Implications for Consumer Savings

Andrea Pozzi

WP 13/09
Finance: Economic Lifeblood or Toxin?

Marco Pagano

WP 13/10
Monetary Shocks with Observation and menu Costs

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi - Luigi Paciello

WP 13/11
Bayesian Model Averaging for Generalized Linear Models with Missing Covariates

Valentino Dardanoni - Giuseppe De Luca - Salvatore Modica - Franco Peracchi

WP 13/12
Testing for Time-Invariant Unobserved Heterogeneity in Generalized Linear Models for Panel Data

Francesco Bartolucci - Federico Belotti - Franco Peracchi

WP 13/13
Ranking Scientific Journals via Latent Class Models for Polytomous Item Response Data

Francesco Bartolucci - Valentino Dardanoni - Franco Peracchi

WP 13/14
‘Lucas’ In The Laboratory

Elena Asparouhova - Peter Bossaerts - Nilanjan Roy - William Zame

WP 13/15
Efficient Online Exchange via Fiat Money

Jie Xu - Mihaela van der Schaar - William Zame

WP 13/16
Social Identity and Punishment

Jeffrey V. Butler - Pierluigi Conzo - Martin A. Leroch

WP 13/17
Spending Biased Legislators: Discipline Through Disagreement

Facundo Piguillem - Alessandro Riboni

WP 13/18
Small and Large Price Changes and the Propagation of Monetary Shocks

Fernando Alvarez - Hervé Le Bihan - Francesco Lippi

WP 13/19
Collateral Equilibrium: A Basic Framework

John Geanakoplos - William R. Zame

WP 13/20
Designing Efficient Resource Sharing For Impatient Players Using Limited Monitoring

Mihaela van der Schaar - Yuanzhang Xiao - William R. Zame

WP 13/21
A Cultural Clash View of the EU Crisis

Luigi Guiso - Helios Herrera - Massimo Morelli

WP 13/22
Time Varying Risk Aversion

Luigi Guiso - Paola Sapienza - Luigi Zingales

WP 13/23
Long-term Persistence

Luigi Guiso - Paola Sapienza - Luigi Zingales

WP 13/24
State Dependent Monetary Policy

Francesco Lippi - Stefania Ragni - Nicholas Trachter

WP 13/25
How Much Can Financial Literacy Help?

Luigi Guiso - Eliana Viviano

WP 13/26
Asset Market Participation and Portfolio Choice over the Life-Cycle

Andreas Fagereng - Charles Gottlieb - Luigi Guiso

WP 13/27
The Value of Corporate Culture

Luigi Guiso - Paola Sapienza - Luigi Zingales

WP 13/28
Price Setting with Customer Retention

Luigi Paciello - Andrea Pozzi - Nicholas Trachter

WP 13/29
Distributional vs. Quantile Regression

Roger Koenker - Samantha Leorato - Franco Peracchi

WP 13/30
Seller-paid Ratings

Sergei Kovbasyuk

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