Selected Publications 2021

"Coalition Formation in Legislative Bargaining", Marco Battaglini, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 129, Issue 11, pages 3206-3258, 2021.

"Asymmetries in monetary policy", Pierpaolo Benigno (with Lorenza Rossi), European Economic Review, Volume 140, November 2021.

"Asocial capital: Civic Culture and Social Distancing During Covid-19", Luigi Guiso (with R. Durante and G. Gulino), Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 194, Issue C, 2021.

"From Weber to Kafka: Political Instability and the Overproduction of Laws", Luigi Guiso and Claudio Michelacci (with G. Gratton and M. Morelli), American Economic Review, Vol. 111, Issue 9, pages 2964-3003, 2021.

Learning Entrepreneurship from Other Entrepreneurs?”, Luigi Guiso and Fabiano Schivardi (with L. Pistaferri), Journal of Labor Economics, Volume 39, pages 135-191, 2021.

"The Fiscal Arithmetic of a Dual Currency Regime", Francesco Lippi, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Vol 53, Issue 7, pages 1887-1897, 2021.

"A Simple Planning Problem for COVID-19 Lockdown, Testing and Tracing", Francesco Lippi (with F. Alvarez and D. Argente), American Economic Review - Insights, Vol.3, Issue 3, pages 367-382, 2021.

"Large-dimensional Dynamic Factor Models: Estimation of Impulse–Response Functions with cointegrated factors", Marco Lippi (with M. Barigozzi and M. Luciani), Journal of Econometrics, Volume 221, Issue 2, pages 455-482, 2021.

"Divided We Stay Home: Social Distancing and Ethnic Diversity", Alexey Makarin (with G. Egorov, R. Enikolopov, and M. Petrova), Journal of Public Economics,  Vol. 194, Issue C, 2021.

"Short-Selling Bans and Bank Stability", Marco Pagano (with A. Beber, D. Fabbri and S. Simonelli), Review of Corporate Finance Studies, Vol. 10, Issue 1, pages 158–187, 2021.

Posterior moments and quantiles for the normal location model with Laplace prior”, Franco Peracchi (with G. De Luca and Jan R. Magnus), Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods, Issue 50, pages 4039–4059, 2021.

"Do Non-Exporters Lose from Lower Trade Costs?", Facundo Piguillem (with Loris Rubini), Review of International Economics, Vol. 29, Issue 5, pages 1161-1185, 2021.

"Fiscal Rules as Bargaining Chips", Facundo Piguillem (with A. Riboni), Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 88, Issue 5, pages 2439–2478, 2021.

"Should Shareholders Have a Say on Acquisitions?", Andrea Polo (with Marco Becht and Stefano Rossi), Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Vol. 33, Issue 1, pages 48-5, 2021.

"Monetary Policy at Work: Security and Credit Application Registers Evidence", Andrea Polo (with J. L. Peydro and E. Sette), Journal of Financial Economics,  Vol. 140, Issue 3, pages 789-814, 2021.

"The Impacts of Stricter Merger Legislation on Bank Mergers and Acquisitions: Too-Big-To-Fail and Competition", Giancarlo Spagnolo (with E. Carletti, S. Ongena and J.P. Siedlarek), Journal of Financial Intermediation, Vol. 46, 2021.

"Myths and Numbers on Whistleblower Rewards", Giancarlo Spagnolo (with T. Nyrerod), Regulation and Governance, Volume 15, Issue 1, pages 82-97, 2021.

"Cheap Trade Credit and Competition in Downstream Markets", Emanuele Tarantino (with Mariassunta Giannetti, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde), Journal of Political Economy, Volume 129, Issuer 6, 2021.

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