Papers 2024

WP 24/01
Fear to Vote: Explosions, Salience, And Elections

Juan F. Vargas - Miguel E. Purroy - Felipe Coy - Sergio Perilla - Mounu Prem

WP 24/02
Tournament Auctions

Luca Anderlini - GaOn Kim

WP 24/03
Bayesian estimation of the normal location model: A non-standard approach

Giuseppe De Luca - Jan R. Magnus - Franco Peracchi

WP 24/04
When is Trust Robust?

Luca Anderlini - Larry Samuelson - Daniele Terlizzese

WP 24/05
A European Climate Bond

Irene Monasterolo - Antonia Pacelli - Marco Pagano - Carmine Russo

WP 24/06
Landmines: The Local Effects of Demining

Mounu Prem - Miguel E. Purroy - Juan F. Vargas

WP 24/07
A Peace Baby Boom? Evidence from Colombia’s Peace Agreement

María Elvira Guerra-Cújar - Mounu Prem - Paul Rodríguez-Lesmes - Juan F. Vargas

WP 24/08
Dictatorship, Higher Education, and Social Mobility

María Angélica Bautista - Felipe González - Luis R. Martínez - Pablo Muñoz - Mounu Prem

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