Papers 2014

WP 14/01
Advertising Arbitrage

Sergei Kovbasyuk - Marco Pagano

WP 14/02
Employment and Wage Insurance within Firms: Worldwide Evidence

Andrew Ellul - Marco Pagano - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 14/03
Social Risk: the Role of Warmth and Competence

Jeffrey V. Butler - Joshua B. Miller

WP 14/04
The Word on Banking: Social Ties, Trust, and the Adoption of Financial Products

Eleonora Patacchini - Edoardo Rainone

WP 14/05
Growing up in wartime: Evidence from the era of two world wars

Enkelejda Havari - Franco Peracchi

WP 14/06
Endogenous Network Production Functions with Selectivity

William C. Horrace - Xiaodong Liu - Eleonora Patacchini

WP 14/07
Identification and Estimation of Outcome Response with Heterogeneous Treatment Externalities

Tiziano Arduini - Eleonora Patacchini - Edoardo Rainone

WP 14/08
Static and Dynamic Networks in Interbank Markets

Ethan Cohen-Cole - Eleonora Patacchini - Yves Zenou

WP 14/09
Unhealthy Retirement?

Fabrizio Mazzonna - Franco Peracchi

WP 14/10
Labor Supply with Job Assignment under Balanced Growth

Claudio Michelacci - Joseph Pijoan-Mas

WP 14/11
Optimal Life Cycle Unemployment Insurance

Claudio Michelacci - Hernan Ruffo

WP 14/12
Risk Aversion and Financial Crisis

Luigi Guiso

WP 14/13
Harsh or Humane? Detention Conditions and Recidivism

Giovanni Mastrobuoni - Daniele Terlizzese

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