Selected Publications 2024

"Procurement with a strong insider", Luca Anderlini and GaOn Kim, Economics Letters, available online, 111785, June 2024

"Career Consequences of Firm Heterogeneity for Young Workers: First Job and Firm Size", Jaime Arellano-Bover, Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 42, No.2, pp. 549–589, April 2024.

"JUE Insight: COVID-19, race, and gender", Graziella Bertocchi (with A. Dimico), Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 141, May 2024.

"A simple planning problem for COVID-19 lockdown: a dynamic programming approach", Francesco Lippi (with A. Calvia, F. Gozzi and G. Zanco), Economic Theory, Vol. 77, pp. 169–196, 2024.

"Ambiguity Aversion and Heterogeneity in Households' Beliefs" Claudio Michelacci and Luigi Paciello, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 95-126, April 2024.

"Are older people aware of their cognitive decline? Misperception and financial decision making", Franco Peracchi (with Fabrizio Mazzonna), Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 132, pp 1793–1829, 2024.

Hours worked and the U.S. distribution of real annual earnings 1976–2019”, Franco Peracchi (with Iván Fernández-Val, Aico van Vuuren, and F. Vella), Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 39, pp 659–678, 2024.

"Buying a Blind Eye: Campaign Donations, Regulatory Enforcement, and Deforestation", Mounu Prem (with R. Harding, N. A. Ruiz, and D. Vargas), American Political Science Review, Vol. 118, No. 2, pp. 635-653, 2024.

"Police Violence, Student Protests, and Educational Performance", Mounu Prem (with F. González), Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 106, No. 3, 2024.

"The Limits of Hegemony: U.S. Banks and Chilean Firms in the Cold War", Mounu Prem (with Felipe Aldunate and Felipe González), Journal of Development Economics, Vol 166, 2024.

"Peaceful Entry: Entrepreneurship Dynamics During Colombia's Peace Agreement", Mounu Prem (with Carolina Bernal, Juan F. Vargas and Mónica Ortiz), Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 166, 2024.

"How Peace Saves Lives: Evidence from Colombia", Mounu Prem (with Sergio Perilla, Miguel E. Purroy and Juan F. Vargas), World Development, Vol. 176, 2024.

"Are Executives in Short Supply? Evidence from Deaths’ Events", Fabiano Schivardi (with J. Sauvagnat), The Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 91, Issue 1, pp. 519–559, January 2024.

"Memory and Markets", Giancarlo Spagnolo (with S. Kovbasyuk), Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 91, Issue 3, pp. 1775–1806, May 2024.

"Procurement Cartels and the Fight Against (Outsider) Bribing", Giancarlo Spagnolo (with R. Burguet end E. Iossa), European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 81, January 2024.

"Price Commitments in Standard Setting under Asymmetric Information", Emanuele Tarantino (with J. Boone and F. Schuett), Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 72, Issue 1, pp. 3-19, March 2024.

"Representation is Insufficient for Selecting Gender Diversity", Emanuele Tarantino (with J. Baron, B. Ganglmair, N. Persico and T. Simcoe), Research Policy, Vol. 53, Issue 6, July 2024.

Asymmetric Information and Corporate Lending: Evidence from SME Bond Markets”, Luana Zaccaria (with A. Iannamorelli, S. Nobili and A. Scalia), Review of Finance, Vol. 28, Issue 1, pp. 163–201, January 2024.

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